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6-Berth Motorhome Review (Apollo Motorhome Rental) (Model: Euro Deluxe)

Before we even start, ever wondered what’s the difference between an RV, campervan, motorhome and caravan? Click here to find out more!


Now that we have the terminology out of the way, have you ever had an RV adventure? No?

Then you’re SURE missing out on A LOT of fun and adventure. Think of camping, but with the luxury of a fully functional toilet/shower/kitchen PLUS the convenience of having all these at the back of your rental car and voila! You have an RV!

(click here to see an example of the interior layout of a motorhome)


Though not for everyone or every situation, I do think an RV holiday is an exciting way of touring vast (and safe) countries like Australia and New Zealand. I’ve personally done RV twice; once in New Zealand South Island (Feb2013) and the latest in Perth (Nov2014). It’s really worth trying out if you’ve never done it before. I shall try to summarise the pros and cons of an RV holiday so you can make an informed decision for yourself.



  • Convenience: Obviously having your toilet/shower, bed and kitchen travelling with you on your entire journey has its benefits.
  • Freedom camping under the stars: In case you’re not aware, most countries have regulation governing where you could park your RV overnight (not least because of safety). Penalties are harsh. As such, most RV travellers spend their nights at campsites or caravan parks where you could rent an RV site (for a relatively small fee per pax) and setup for the night. This is almost like an outdoor camping experience.
  • FUN! : The very thought of having a big fat vehicle with all the gadgets and luxury is enough to entice most adults, if not all kids. It’s like your first time on a camping trip. Every single daily routine suddenly becomes an exciting adventure (imagine having a shower in the mini-toilets). Trust me, KIDS absolutely LOVE IT!!!



  • Cost :
    • Depending on which type of RV you’re renting, the cost is NOT necessary cheaper compared to renting a regular sedan car and factoring in the nightly motel/hotel costs. This is especially so if you’re renting a mid to large motorhome with toilet (anything with built-in toilet cost more). Not forgetting, even after you’ve paid for the RV rental rates, you typically still have to pay a per pax/night fee (can be up to AUD$15-20) when you overnight at a campsite/caravan park.
    • If you’re really travelling budget, you could grab a small “no-frills” campervan (without toilet) and squeeze a few of your mates in. Don’t worry, you could still use the main kitchen, toilet and shower available in all caravan parks that you visit; just don’t expect to have a regular bed of your own since you’re sleeping/cramping out in the campervan.
  • Driving inconveniences:
    • It’s obvious that a big RV would be slightly more difficult to drive though most folks still find it manageable. If you’re having a big motorhome, just avoid city areas and crowded carpark. That’s why RV holidays are more suited to vast countries with plenty of tourist attractions outside city areas (e.g. Australia and New Zealand perfectly fits the bill).
    • Don’t expect to be driving fast and covering massive distance as you would in a regular sedan car. Give your itinerary more time flexibility and KEEP IT SLOW!
    • Finally, your RV is not an offroad 4×4 monster truck. So keep away from any unpaved road or steep climbs! This will potentially prevent you from visiting certain isolated tourist attractions though my personal experience is that (at least in Australia and New Zealand) most common attractions are served by paved road.
  • General inconveniences:
    • The fact that everything is cramped into a motorhome means that living and sleeping space is can be small. If you have a chronic snoring machine amongst your entourage, good luck!
    • During bedtime, you’ll need to spend a few minutes setting up the bedding areas as most beds in RVs are converted from the dining areas. The same goes for keeping the bed in the morning.
    • As cool as it might sound to have an on-board toilet/shower, my personal experience is that we seldom use it!
      • Toilet : We normally use it only for a little wee-wee when you’re on the road or in the middle of the night, while i strongly discourage using it for poo. In case you’re still not aware, the toilet in your RV is connected to a small chemical cartridge. This is similar to what you have in those portable toilets at large outdoor events; the only difference is that the cartridge capacity is much smaller and YOU are the one whom is going to clear it! Now we’re talking shit, literally! Finally you know why you shouldn’t be using it for poo unless really necessary. Even for pee, chances are that you’ll need to clear (+rinse) the cartridge every 2-3days either because it’s full or due to the accumulating smell. In summary, you’re more likely to end up using the common toilets at the campsite or caravan park; it’s big, with many cubicles (so you wouldn’t have to fight with your mates), and most importantly YOU do NOT have to clear it!
      • Shower: Your RV can only carry so much fresh water in its tanks and the water is also used for other necessities like washing, cleaning and cooking. The shower is easily the largest water consumption activity. For those whom are used to long and hot showers, you’ll probably be left “dry” (literally) in no time if you shower in your RV. In addition to topping up your RV with fresh water via a hose, you’ll also need to drain away the grey water (dirty water). You’re going to dread it very soon and find yourself running to the nearest common shower at your campsite/caravan park.
      • Most caravan parks (and some public areas) have specialized dump sites that allow you to dump your waste (human waste and grey water) and refill fresh water. Get more info from your rental company. Note that it’s an offence to dump waste at any other locations other than marked out dump sites. You’ll also have to clear your waste and fill up the fresh water tank before returning your RV to the renter.


By now, you might have the impression that there are much more cons compared to pros. However, DO NOT let this discourage you from pursuing an RV holiday! RVs are really fun to experience! I’ve explained more of the cons only so that you’ll know what to expect on your first RV adventure. I have no doubt that you and your entourage will enjoy it.

Finally, would I still go for another RV adventure in future? You bet!

(Note: We are not in any way affiliated nor have any agreement with the companies mentioned in this post.  All comments herein are based on our genuine opinion.) 


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(Note: We are not in any way affiliated nor have any agreement with the companies mentioned in this post.  All comments herein are based on our genuine opinion.) 

Bayswater Car Rental
Bayswater Car Rental




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