GPSmyCity: Self-Guided City Walk App

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GPSmyCity – The Self-Guided City Walk app that lets you be your own tour guide!

Anyone whom had planned for a holiday to a new city knows the drill; the pain of doing time-consuming online research for the perfect itinerary, the hassle of pinning all selected sights on their mapping app, deciding which local network provides the cheapest internet rates, mulling whether its cheaper to join a day/bus tour or find your own way around etc.

Surely, there must be a better way to plan a trip. No?


GPSmyCity: Self-Guided City Walk App
GPSmyCity: Self-Guided City Walk App


GPSmyCity travel app – Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost

Fortunately, the emergence of the travel article based app, GPSmyCity, has greatly convenience the average traveller.

It helps to eliminate the need for backbreaking pre-trip researches, by consolidating the best travel articles (and itineraries) for the relevant city, at no cost to the user! With over 5,000 itineraries in over 470 cities worldwide, travellers will be spoilt for choice for their next travel destination.

More importantly, with the itinerary chosen, users could upgrade the travel article (for a small fee) to obtain a map with GPS navigation to the sights mentioned. No more joining expensive day/bus tours.

Now everyone can be his/her own tour guide!

Finally, all the saved travel articles and purchased maps (including GPS navigation) can be accessed offline; so there is no need to purchase those costly data plans!

How’s that for a cheap and easy way to explore a new city, at your own time and pace!


GPSmyCity: Self-Guided City Walk App
GPSmyCity: Self-Guided City Walk App


Our travel articles featured in GPSmyCity travel app!

We at Balukoo Travel are excited to announce that we have been invited to join the GPSmyCity app’s global community of established travel writers, providing quality and updated travel recommendations to all adventurers.

Following is the list of our travel articles featured in the GPSmyCity app: (updated as of 31-Jan-17)

To start, simply click on the article links above. It will then lead you to install the GPSmyCity app. After installing/launching the app, the respective article will appear by default.

[Alternatively, simply install the GPSmyCity app. Then manually search for the relevant city and save the travel article onto your smartphone.]

It’s that simple!

Remember, the app and travel articles are FREE. You’ll only pay a small fee when you upgrade a travel article to obtain a map with GPS navigation to the sights.


Disclosure: We do receive a small royalty fee whenever someone upgrades our travel article. We need this to help us maintain our travel blog, so that we can continue to do what we do best; inspiring the traveler in YOU!