Someone with a passion for travelling.

Born and bred in Singapore.

Originally an Electrical Engineer by trade. I spent 2 years in Sydney, Australia where I did my bachelor degree with one of the top Australian universities; obtaining a First Class Honors in Engineering.

Upon returning to Singapore, I naturally pursued an engineering career. First as a process/yield engineer in the semiconductor industry, before becoming a Quality engineer in the fibre optics industry. Both with prominent US-based MNCs, for a total of 11 years.

Self-employed since early 2011, I’m currently running my own business and pursuing my passion for travelling.


One major motivation for turning self-employed has been my long-time dream of having full autonomy of my time and indulging in travelling.

I hugely enjoy travelling (for leisure; not WORK!). Being an employee just isn’t making it any easier.

Since becoming self-employed, I’ve been able to commit much more time to my travelling desires and picking up other minor skills along the way (e.g. photography, diving, writing blogs).

Life is an adventure, and I’m certainly looking forward to experiencing more.


“Life is short, give it your best shot.”… allan see toh

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Allan See Toh

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P.S. We do not blog about places/attractions that we’ve not personally visited.  








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Kay Wang

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P.S. We do not blog about places/attractions that we’ve not personally visited.